My Plan

1) More police on our streets.

The Government has announced that over 20,000 more police officers will be recruited across the country by 2023. In Cleveland, we've already gained 150 new recruits and I will make sure these extra officers are deployed straight into communities – tackling crime directly. Within my first 12 months, we’ll deliver another 60 officers to the areas where they can make the biggest impact.


2) Get tough on drugs and gangs.

Drugs and gangs are a scourge on our local communities. I will no longer tolerate this situation and will make it a policing priority to crack down on dealers and gangs, not just the suppliers.


3) Tackling anti-social behaviour head-on.

There’s no such thing as a petty crime - anti-social behaviour is criminal behaviour. I'll introduce a restorative justice model where offenders help fix problems in the communities they've targeted.


4) Prevent and reduce knife crime.

We will increase the use of stop-and-search to reduce the number of knives on our streets. I will ensure officers are better equipped to handle active knife crimes. We’ll work to fix education problems, so young people understand the devastating cost of knife crime and the impact that carrying a knife can have on their own future. Last year Cleveland Police dealt with more knife crime per head than London. We cannot tolerate this any longer.


5) Better support for victims of crime.

I’ll get more support for the victims of crime. This means raising the profile of organisations that support victims and supplying them with the resources and facilities they need to help people recover and move past the impacts of crime.


6) Using technology to combat crime.                

We'll increase the use of drones to detect and deter crime, as well as working with the Government to ensure that tagging technology is utilised in sentencing to reduce re-offending across a variety of offences. In my first year, I will introduce a new smartphone app that allows crime to be reported instantly.