About Steve Turner

Steve Turner is your Conservative candidate for the May 2021 Police & Crime Commissioner election.

He has lived in the area with his family for nearly 50 years and his understanding of the region, the community and its challenges is second to none.

As a young man Steve was very involved with sport and represented the area playing Basketball at a national level before “retiring” into the local rugby scene. He's married with three sons between the ages of 23 and 27 and also a Grandfather.

As current Chief of Staff to two local MP’s he works alongside a fantastic team of people who work diligently to support over 140,000 constituents. This role means he's involved in many campaigns that local people feel strongly about and gives him first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day issues the area faces relating to crime.

My commitment to you

I want to bring back the pride in our Police service for residents and officers alike. I have a plan for ensuring we see more officers in our neighbourhoods and for taking a much tougher approach on drug dealing violent crimes and criminal activity that we currently pass off as anti-social behaviour.

I want to ensure that if you need to contact the Police or report a crime it becomes a more positive experience that restores the reputation of Cleveland Police that its lost after years of mismanagement.

If elected as PCC, I am well positioned to commission services that can best tackle the causes of serious violent crimes - working in partnership with schools, community and faith groups, voluntary organisations and families. I will also strongly lobby the Home Office for a review of the funding for a Violence and Exploitation Reduction Unit.

I have the experience and people skills required to bring communities and partner agencies together to address some of the serious community safety challenges we face. I will put law abiding citizens, victims, local businesses and community needs at the centre of our policing priorities.

Recent campaign experience

I was proud to lead the campaign in the North East on behalf of the Vote Leave organisation and, along with our Prime Minister, I believe the UK has a bright and prosperous future outside of the EU. During the 2019 General election I was also a key figure in the campaigns to oust the MP’s that chose to ignore the will of their constituents; who were subsequently replaced with individuals who recognised Teesside’s right to have their wishes honoured